8 Ways Culture Will Change Now That Chaos Magic is the ‘Next Big Thing’


Trend forecasters K-Hole recently published a report predicting that Chaos Magic will be the next big thing that defines the spirit of the times.

The report, entitled “A Report on Doubt,” states that Chaos Magic—the paradigm-shifting magic paradigm that was developed in the late 1970s and early 1980s in the UK by magi like Pete Carroll and Ray Sherwin (based on the writings of early 20th century OG magus Austin Osman Spare)—will replace ‘normcore’ as the cultural zeitgeist.  From the report:

The fundamental element of magic is the ability to manifest or sublimate things, whether they’re emotions, states of being, people or the Statue of Liberty. Magic is the art of making things appear or disappear, out of nowhere or into the void… But let’s not forget that on some level believing that the sun will rise again is rooted in magical thinking.

Chaos Magic creates realities which are temporary and subjective. It’s not a tool for changing others — it’s a tool for changing yourself. You opt into whatever belief system you think will help you reach your intended goals… Chaos Magic isn’t just believing in The Secret, it’s deciding to believe in The Secret to begin with… It’s radical DIY that uses reality as the only necessary operating system.

Even before its development in works such as Liber Null & Psychonaut or The Book of Results, the “radical DIY” of Chaos Magic was influencing artists and writers such Robert Anton Wilson, William S. Burroughs, and Bryon Gysin.  These proto-chaotes manipulated the reality operating system through radical methods such as cut-ups, dream machines, and psychedelic drugs.  Chaos Magic continued to influence artists throughout the 1980s and 90s, when Genesis Breyer P-Orridge began incorporating its practices into Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth and Grant Morrison blew everyone’s mind with his hypersigil opus The Invisibles.  In recent years, witch house chanteuse Grimes and South African zef duo Die Antwoord have used elements of the Chaos Magic paradigm to profound effect in their work.

Despite Chaos Magic’s long standing tradition in art and culture, Love + Metta could not be more excited by K-Hole’s lip service.  At L+M, we believe that enchantment of the everyday is the single most important contribution of artists and creatives to our culture.  But it’s not just in the service of a corporate brand or to further their own career.  The enchantment of the everyday breaks the bonds of reality systems imposed on us since birth.  You’re either boy or girl, gay or straight, white or black, Jew or gentile, Christian or Muslim, etc.  Magic allows us to maneuver between those binary spaces of identity and expose the cracks in the system.  In the words of Salvador Dali: “Surrealism is destructive, but it destroys only what it considers to be shackles limiting our vision.”

Listed below are eight major cultural changes to expect now that Chaos Magic has blipped on the trend radar.

1. Things are Going to Get Really Weird…

We’ve suspected things were getting weird for a long time, but we’re at the tipping point now of weird overload.  What was once hidden is leaking into plain sight.  Synchronicities will happen all the time, everyone will begin exploring alternate identities, and fear of the unknown will transmute into love of uncertainty.

2. …But Seem Less Weird at the Same Time

Weird will be the new normal.  After all, the weirder that everything gets, the more normal things will become.  Miley Cyrus’ shock antics will be seen as a last ditch effort for attention by a washed up Disney star, Caitlyn Jenner’s Vanity Fair cover shoot will seem tame to even the most sheltered suburban house wife, and every real estate agent will have a shaman on call to bless and clear properties for home buyers.

3. Child-Like Wonder Will Return to the World…

Children are naturally capable of enchanting the mundane, enjoying the little things, and loving one another without needing to hide behind religious dogma to do so.  The more that people become aware of magic in the world and sacredness of life, the more that people are going to clearly see that the world is run by demons with little regard for life—be it plant, animal or human (is there even a difference?).

4. …Along with Childish Questioning of Authority

Children are sweet and loving, but can also be downright nasty and hateful—especially when they suspect they are being lied to.  Why do we need to go to bed so early?  Why do we need to go to school?  How can God love everyone if some people are going to hell?  Why do some people live in nice houses when other people live in no houses at all?  While children have the best imaginations in the world, they are also the best skeptics in the world.  Expect to see The Emperor’s New Clothes on a massive scale.

5. We Might Actually Start Taking Care of the Planet…

When you realize that God is dead, the responsibility rests on your shoulders to manage your life.  The more power you gain to change your reality, the more responsibility you gain over it.  Part of that means managing your living space.  We’re orphans on planet Earth—mom and dad aren’t coming back to clean up the mess that they left us with.  Monsanto, the Koch brothers, and a host of other climate deniers and big agri corporations will be paraded naked in the streets for all to see.

6. …while Reaching for the Stars

In the same way that Galileo used a telescope to examine the stars rather than navigate warships, we will begin using our great technology to explore the stars instead of using it to drone strike Afghani villagers. As Clarke’s Third Law states: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

With Jupiter opposing Neptune for the next year, the time is ripe for space exploration.  It is time to stop using black magic for world domination and begin using Chaos Magic for space exploration.

Elon Musk addressed these issues on his recent appearance on The Late Show With Steven Colbert:

7. Mass Media Will Lose Its Power Over Us…

Religions control us through fear of the unknown, politicians use hypnosis to manipulate our desires, and corporations use sigils (logos) and mantras (slogans) to brand us as slaves.  They have all, for the last century, used mass media to keep constant watch over us.  Mass media will lose its power to control us as fear of the unknown transmutes into love of uncertainty and we begin to learn how our desires shape our reality through sigil and mantra work.

8. …And We Will Unlock Our Own Power to Be the Media

Mind control and brainwashing aren’t that bad when you think about—if you’re the one doing it to yourself.  To control your own mind and wash your brain of preprogrammed conditioning is possibly the highest achievement of magical art.  So why do we let other people do it for us?  The “radical DIY” of Chaos Magic is going allow each and every one of us to become our own self-contained media empires.